Product Care



Our durable American stoneware pottery are produced from our proprietary recipe of 100% American mined material.  Pieces that we make are very durable. Our glazes are free of both lead and cadmium and is in accordance with Prop 65.  Both of these formulas were designed with an emphasis on utility to create pottery stat withstands the most demanding everyday use.


~All pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe

~Clean with dish soap and a soft scrub brush

~Pottery will break if transferred directly from freezer to hot oven so allow for a gradual change in temperature.

~Keep garden pots inside during freezing temperatures



Our candles are hand poured in Iowa using 100% Iowa farmed soy.  We choose soy wax as it is non-toxic, biodegradable, and burns cleaner than paraffin.  All candles are braided with paper to prevent health issues while burning.  The scents are a unique blend of fragrance oils.

Use & Care:

~When you first light your candle allow the wax to pool all the way to the outer edges of the vessel.  This guarantees an even burn and maximum fragrance throw.

~Trim wick after each use to roughly 1/4" for a slower more even burn.  Burn candle no more than one hour at a time to help lengthen burn time.

Do not leave burning candles unattended.